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Rawlings Fuels

Rawlings Fuels have a purpose-built van for doing emergency deliveries between 500 – 900 litres.

The van is only for kerosene/heating oil so if you get low or run out, we can get to you quickly and get your heating up and running again.

We will need to park within 10-12 meters of the tank as the hose is not as long as it is on the lorries. We will only be able to deliver into your tank directly. There is no function for off-set fills or screw-on fittings.

Please note that this is not suitable for:

  • Steep Driveways
  • Off-set fill pipework
  • Fittings that need to be screwed on.
  • Tanks located more than 12 meters away from where the vehicle can park.

Contact us today to see if we can do an emergency delivery to you on 01256 761612.

We're here when you need us...


"Tom and his team provide the most exceptional service, I ran out of fuel and was recommended to Rawlings Fuels. Tom was very pleasant and extremely sympathetic towards my situation, I ran out of fuel in the cold month of February but they managed to get me a delivery within 24 hours. I have used them for all my deliveries ever since and they have definitely been the best oil company I've ever used." Mrs H.


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