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If you were using red diesel (gas oil) for commercial heating and lost access to rebated fuels from the 1st of April 2022 as a result of the duty changes, you need a cost-effective fuel to help keep your heating bills low.

IHO is a drop-in alternative to diesel that’s made specifically for use in commercial boilers, dryers and heaters.

Please note that industrial heating oil is a fully rebated product and must only be used for heating.

What is industrial heating oil?

Industrial heating oil is specifically intended for use in commercial boiler applications for heat generation. It has been created to a product that’s exactly the same as diesel in terms of its physical properties whilst being a more efficient option of heating oil.

With no equipment modifications required, winter grade fuel and a prolonged shelf life, you can store IHO safely all year round.


Fuel Types:

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Premium Kero - Boiler
Premium Kero - Cooker
Gas Oil
Gas Oil Extra
Road Diesel

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